Powerhouse EP

by Spinmaster Recordings

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House music and not D&B do I hear you ask? I don’t often make House music but I find it useful from time to time to dabble in other genres to practise new techniques that might be used for D&B. The start of the idea for this EP came about when I’d made the House track ‘Open Your Eyes’ and it occurred to me I could do a release themed around house music including House influenced D&B. I’m not a person sitting on a stack of completed tunes so having come up with the theme I needed to write tracks the tracks to fill it up. The D&B mix of ‘Open Your Eyes’ was fairly simple but at times it felt like I’d made a rod for my own back trying to put together another couple of House tracks but I managed it and I hope you like the results.

The name for the EP came from my time studying in Plymouth. Due to its location there weren’t an abundance of D&B nights at the time and to satisfy our desire to go clubbing we often found ourselves in mainstream House clubs. One regular haunt was the double club of Ritzy/Powerhouse and avoiding Ritzy (except for when they played Prodigy tracks) we would normally find ourselves dancing to the full spectrum of House through to Trance (before it was a dirty word). In honour of those times I thought it apt to name this EP after the club.

‘Open Your Eyes’ – I was going for late 90’s Progressive House vibe with this track. Based around a repeated synth riff I sampled and a spoken sample taken from a sample. Then layered with synth pads and sounds.

‘Open Your Eyes (D&B Mix)’ – The 4/4 House beat replaced by D&B breaks, the offbeat bass replaced by a rumbling sub-bass, and tempo notched up to 170+. The result is a Progressive D&B track that will hopefully appeal to both House and D&B fans.

‘Get Down’ – For this track I went in a Bassline House direction. A 4/4 House beat with a kick bass providing the main hook of the track. Nothing deep or meaningful here.

‘Be Now’ – The most laid back song on the EP. This time on a more soulful Deep House tip.


released July 31, 2015



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